About us

About us

Our History

“Continuous Development Throughout the Years”

Since 1994, Karnes Ltd. has been delivering reliable and innovative solutions in the field of industrial equipment and maintenance services. We are successors to the sole proprietorship ‘Karnes-Georgi Vichev,’ which embarked on its journey in 1994.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to offer quality products, high-standard servicing, and tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients across various industries.

Our Vision

We believe in continuous development and innovation. With determination and commitment to ongoing improvement, we strive to be leaders in the field of industrial equipment and services in the region.

Thought Together

We've laid the foundation of our enterprise and take pride in the path we've traveled. Most importantly, we are geared to move forward together with our clients and partners, creating a future filled with successful and mutually beneficial opportunities.


Partners & Clients


Successful Projects


Years of competency

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Our Activity

Repair and Manufacturing of Spare Parts
High-Quality Equipment and Tools

With its headquarters in Ruse and offices in Varna, Karnes Ltd. operates through two divisions: manufacturing and trading. The manufacturing division specializes in repairing industrial machinery and manufacturing spare parts, while the trading division supplies high-quality equipment and tools from leading global brands.

Production Department

In our facility in Ruse, we operate a production division focused on repairing industrial machinery and manufacturing spare parts. Our team's expertise and specialized skills are aimed at ensuring the highest quality in repair services and the production of spare parts for various industries.

Marketing Department

With offices both in Ruse and Varna, our trade department offers a range of high-quality industrial equipment and tools from globally renowned brands. Collaborating with industry leaders, we strive to provide our clients with the most efficient and innovative solutions tailored to their needs.

Manufacturing with Contribution and Quality

In our modern manufacturing hub in Russe, we blend technological advancement with our extensive expertise. Here, we create and restore industrial equipment that meets the highest standards of quality and durability.Our professionals specialize in repairing air screw compressors up to 315 kW, manufacturing spare parts for various mechanical gearboxes, and crafting gears with diverse specifications—from straight and helical to internal gears with diameters up to 7000 mm.Our aim is to deliver practical and reliable solutions for your industrial needs. With attention to detail and strict adherence to quality standards, our manufacturing is geared towards meeting your business requirements through innovative and personalized solutions.
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