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Welding consumables

ESAB offers a complete line of equipment for all types of processes as well as all the consumables from cored wires to covered electrodes you need to complete the job.
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Ever since Chosun Welding has been established in 1949, We have contributed to developing heavy industries by supplying welding products with outstanding quality.

We are equipped with highly efficient production system combined with inducement of foreign technology and self developed technology in order to successfully produce and provide in a timely manner.

Achieving KS (Korean Standard) in 1967, we received variety of industrial standards certificates from foreign and domestic including JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) and developed QA system for nuclear power plants.

We are getting enormous trust from foreign and domestic buyers by achieving ISO 9002 in 1995.

We promise that we will provide far better products through quality improvements and technology investments.

• Fluxcored wires
• Stainless wires and electrodes
• Flux
• Welding wires and electrodes
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Böhler Welding is the leading welding consumable brand within the Böhler Welding group, offering a complete range of solutions and products for all welding applications, with a particular focus on the medium- to high metal grades. BÖHLER WELDING´s decades of experience, in conjunction with new development and permanent advancements result in state-of-the-art products of outstanding quality, since 1926, in more than 80 countries worldwide. You will have a solid and well established partner in Böhler Welding, with the know-how of the Böhler Welding group in its position as one of the largest producers of special steel worldwide.
Products - for highest demand

The demands at functionality and safety are rising worldwide and also the demands of the quality of technical products. Technical ideas often are feasible by reliable connection of metals and their alloys.

ABICOR BINZEL supplies for all working materials and applications the exact welding or cutting torch necessary. For the manual use or for the semi-or full automatic operation. Gas- or liquid-cooled. Wide range welding accessories as well as robotic peripheral systems. Decisive for long lasting safety is the welding seam.

• Welding torches for MIG/МAG & TIG welding
• Accessories and plasma cutting : nozzles, electrodes, recirculators
• Welding torches accessories: contact nozzles; gas caps
• Grinding torches
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