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A little bit older. A whole lot bolder.
The Ultimate Torque Tool Company.   

Say you are going to be different...THEN DO IT!!  That is what TorcUP is all about.  To "be like" or to "seem like" or to "appear like" any other company is NOT the TorcUP philosophy. In 1996, TorcUP was created around one central philosophy...BE DIFFERENT!!  A task other companies have no insight on how to even approach...we live it here every day at TorcUP. THE RESULT?  A new breed of torque tool.  Hydraulic and Pneumatic Torque Tools superior to any other torque tool that came before it.  Torque tools that outlast and outperform the competition in any industry to challenge them.  With more models, more inventory, more field sales, more ingenuity, TorcUP is the only torque tool supplier who can show YOU what it really means to be DIFFERENT.