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Dynajet is a registered trademark of Putzmeister Mörtelmaschinen GmbH. We develop, produce and supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of powerful and professional high-pressure cleaners in the world.

As a 100% member of the Putzmeister group we offer you, our customers and sales associates, ideal conditions when it comes to expertise, investment security and optimum service in all areas.

The Dynajet professional high pressure cleaners from Putzmeister are one of the most innovative on the market. We keep you as customer always at the back of our mind for developing our products. Our goal is to develop qualitative high-grade professional high pressure cleaners to alleviate your daily work.

We have a product range from 150 bar/2,175 PSI up to 2.800 bar/40,600 PSI pressure and our high pressure cleaners are available as diesel-, gasoline or electric version. You can choose between handsome cold water trollies up to 500 bar/7,250 PSI – they can be completed to adequate hot water units – and mobile hot water trailers up to 800 bar/17,400 PSI as well as cold water ultra-high pressure units up to 2,800 bar/40,600 PSI pressure.

Furthermore many high pressure units are available as stationary version, too. Our Dynajet units are worldwide applicable without problems due to the big assortment of different voltage versions. Also, we offer for all specifications an ideal accessories program.
As one of the world's largest manufacturers of cleaning equipment, KÄRCHER has a comprehensive product line for private households, the crafts and trades as well as industry.