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We perform the following works and processing:

Mechanical driving Design, Chain Drives Decoding- gear, worm-gear, bevel-gear, variable-speed drives
Shafts and other work parts turning: Ø1250mm, L= 10 000 mm,
Gear rings, flanges turning: Ø3000mm, L=1000mm,
Gear-cutting of straight and sloping gears: Ø2500mm, m=20/ Ø1600mm, m=25
Shaft gear-cutting, straight and sloping gears: Ø260mm, L=2000, m=8/10
Gear-wheels grinding: up to Ø900mm, m=16
Keyholes and splines shaping in work parts measuring Ø2000mm, L=1000mm
Thread and worm grinding Ø320mm, L=800mm, m=15
Inner holes grinding: D 800mm, d 400mm
Outward grinding of work parts: L=2200mm D=410mm
Turning of work parts of middle and small series: d=1600 L=800
Work parts milling: 1600х1600х1400
Open forging of work parts up to 500 kg
We have the following equipment at our disposal:

Lathe make Fritz Heckert / Germany / Type DZ1250
Vertical Lathe Titan / Romania/
Fritz Heckert / Germany / Type ZFWZ 2000x20
Fritz Heckert / Germany / Type ZFWVG 250x2000
Gear Grinder Höfler / Germany /
Waldrich Coburg Slotting Machine / Germany /
Thread Grinder / Russia /
Grinder 3В329 / Russia /
Wheel Grinding Machine
Vertical Lathe with CNC management TOZ SKI 16 /Czech Republic/
CNC Lathe CP632 CP586 /Bulgaria/
Milling Machine 5650 / Russia /
ISO 9001