Ingersoll Rand

Get to know our partner, Ingersoll Rand. Here you’ll find valuable information about the products and services we offer.

Сертификат на Ingersoll Rand за Карнес

Karnes / Ingersoll Rand

Collaborative Innovations:
Karnes and Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions

Our partnership aims to develop products that surpass customer needs. By merging both teams’ expertise and innovations, we craft unique solutions that revolutionize industrial machinery operations.

Extrusion Pumps

For High Viscosity Fluids

Assembly Solutions

Industrial Assembly Solutions

ARO Pro-Series Diaphragm and Piston Pumps

Non-Metallic and Metallic Diaphragm Pumps Low Ratio Piston Pumps Specialty Pumps


Pneumatic Hydraulic Chain Hoists – LIFTCHAIN.

The Widest Range on the Market: 1 to 100 Ton Capacity

Lever hoist

 SLB Silver Series.

When You Truly Need Lifting Power.

Powerfull Tools

For Automotive Service and Technical Support

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