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Trade with industrial tools, design and production management!

Karnes Ltd was established in 1994. Firm’s main activities upon its establishment have been the trade with industrial tools, mechanical drives spare parts design and production management. Up to the year of 2004 Karnes established itself as a main dealer of the companies Atlas Copco, ESAB, Autogen. Company’s basic customers in the field of engineering are Roka Bulgaria, Port Varna LTD, Kaliakra JSCo, Devnya Lime etc.

An industrial subdivision was established in 2004, providing for the firm’s complete autonomy in respect to the activities performed, from designing to production of all units and work parts. The firm’s attention is focused on production of spare parts after the samples which have undergone some kind of failure or damage, also after technical projects assigned by the customers.

As the firm enlarges its site and facilities, the personnel engaged in production amounted to 16 for the year of 2008, as a result of which the firm became one of the leading manufacturers of spare parts and units for companies like Solvey Sody JSCo, Agropolychim JSCo, Cu & Precious metals Ellatzite mine, Bulyard KI JSCo, Sals JSCo, Port Varna LTD, Nestle Bulgaria etc. Unique work parts have been elaborated (as considered for Bulgaria) - a cone drive with circle-arc teeth, diameter 1,6м and a front module 22 for KUBOTA breaker and a monolithic gear ring with internal teeth z=120 m=14 for Solvey Sody JSCo.

At the same time a new business office was established in the city of Varna and the firm became the exclusive representative of Dongil Ceramics Co – a worldwide recognized producer of ceramic backing materials used in welding, Mastercut Tool USA – carbide tools producer, Atlas Copco – producer of air valve compressors, Ingersoll Rand USA- a division of pneumatic tools and CHOSUN WELDING CO- welding accessories producer. Shiprepair Yard Terem- KRZ Flotski Arsenal LTD, Bulyard KI JSCo, Ruse Shipyard LTD, Odessos Shiprepair yard S.A., Solvey Sody JSCo, Terem Ovech JSCo, ZMM Stomana JSCo- Silistra and others are the main customers of the firm.

ISO 9001 KARNES Ltd. implemented system of quality management in manufacturing processes ISO 9001 : 2008 in 2011, the system was re-certified in 2014 and is valid on 11.01.2017